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They are awesome. We got them to install a security gate for our boutique clothing store at pitakotte. We had a small technical issue with what we ordered from them although the owner of the company advised us not to have that certain model with our Aluminium glass doors. But we wanted to try it sine they didn't have the recommeded model in stocks. so he got it installed for us. As he said, the gate started alarming cause by the interference with our Aluminium glass doors, even though it worked fine for several weeks. As they promised before installed it, they attended the issue and tested again and again by coming down 3 , 4 days to the shop. At end they got us installed the right one (they didnt have this model in stock when we got installed the other model) and we got rid of the issue and its working fine now. Moreover, they attended our CCTV issues without any payment during the days they visited our shop. You won't find companies like them these days. Highly recommend them to everyone out there. Thank you again.

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