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We just bought a few food items from Kushmi Food Centre at Dutugemunu Street, Pamankada, for dinner including a vegetarian 'koththu' tonight (18th August 2012) only to find that the Koththu that was sold was 'stale' and sticky and had the typical bad odour of stale food. The packet was opened within 15 minutes of buying.
When this was taken back to the above Food Centre the cashier shamelessly offered another 'koththu' or a money refund. There were no apologies which would have NOT changed the quality of the food they sold at least tonight, and interestingly, brave enough to come forward with an explanation of it being 'half-done' and not 'stale'!!! It is interesting someone who works in a place where food is prepared, he does not recognise the food gone bad from food hlaf-done! No wonder they have issues with quality of their food!
This is not the first time this has happened and we personally have experienced this same sad situation from Kushmi Food Centre, Dutugemunu Streat, Pamankada!
So, beware when you buy from KUSHMI!