Strength & Conditioning / Power/Metabolic Conditioning

Strength / Power Training
Strength & Conditioning
Power Conditioning
Metabolic Conditioning
Mental Toughness Training

Competitive & non-competitive bodybuilders
Other athletes & interested clients
Those seeking health benefits
ESPECIALLY for those who:

1) Seek to get in shape quickly & look great in a relatively short period of time;
2) Try to make a certain weight class within a certain time period (Athletes from different sports);
3) Need to improve their MENTAL TOUGHNESS along with physical conditioning.

Improve MENTAL TOUGHNESS, Conditioning & Fitness, Strength, Build Muscle & Lose a Ton of Fat all AT THE SAME TIME under the guidance of MFBCS' own & Sri Lanka's ONE & ONLY UNDERGROUND Bodybuilding, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Coach Freak.

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