Review of Spring & Summer Fashion Collection (Pvt) Ltd

Review of Spring & Summer Fashion Collection (Pvt) Ltd
The staff at Maharagama were very helpful I tried to get a couple of kits which I needed to take back and when I explained to your staff member there was a very helpful girl by the name of Subani who went out of her way to make several calls to check for codes and sizes and who understood the urgency of my requirement and was so active and efficient I would say she ensured to get it couried to me so I received the clothes and I received them on the morning of my flight back to Europe I was so thrilled to get the clothes I had ordered in time before my departure. Thank you sooooooo much for training your staff to the extent of understanding the customers requirement after all we dont each other and to be so helpful is a very rare quality one could find in our country Its so sad to say that many clothes outlets to name a few H O F etc who does not realise to be able to go that extra mile. Wish you all best of luck in the future I am used to buy your clothes in the earlier days from your Borella outlet I sincerely wish you can open a branch in Borella/Maradana trust me you will definetly get enough and more customers thats for sure.
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