IDEx - ME (Android, Angular, React, Node, Flutter)

About the product
First React Native / Angular / Flutter Course in Sri Lanka
(Mostly Latest Technologies in Mobile App Developments will Cover in 4-5 Months)

Learn Mobile App Development Practically...

Part I - Android
Introduction to Android (SDK, Tools, AVDs)
Fundamentals in Android + Android Input Controls & Event Listeners
SQLite Storage and Implementation
Threads, Handlers and Async Tasks (JSON, Web Services)
Work with Volley (http Library)

Part II - Angular 8
Material Theme Designing...
Introduction to Angular 8
Bootstraping and Templating + Phonegap
Angular Modules & Controllers, Models and Databinding

Part III - Node JS
Introduction to Node JS
Node JS Modules + Http Module
Node JS + MySQL
AJAX + Webservices $http
Cordova + Phonegap

Part IV - React JS

Introduction to React JS
React Native Components
Forms and Event Handling
Applications build in to Multiple Platforms.
React Native app with Firebase (Social Media Timeline)

Part V - Flutter
Introduction to Flutter
Dart Programming
Flutter Application with FIrestore (Target App)

5 Sub Applications and Final Project will be Develop in the Class.

1. Currency Converter App. (Android)
2. My Notes and Tasks Application (Android + Sqlite DB)
3. Doctor Channeling App (Android + PHP WS and Angular + Node WS)
4. Social Media Timeline App (React Native + Firebase)
5. Target Management App (Flutter + Firestore)

2 DVDs and Code Hand Book Free.

1. Mobile Learn KIT DVD
2. Mobile Tool KIT DVD
3. Mobile Code Hand Book

5 Tutorials Weekly (In a Moodle)

1. Theory Tute
2. Summery Tute
3. Practical Tute
4. Assignment
5. Slideshow

Weekly Assignments (Submit Online Via Students Portal)

4 Types of Applications

1. Phones and Tablets
2. Smart Watches
3. Android TV Apps
4. Gear VR Apps

Sundays 1PM - 6PM

0117 222 181
0766 222 181
for Registrations

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