Greatech Circulate Air Cooled Silent Roots Blower


【About Greatech】
Greatech is energy, activity, and
powerful manufactory of Roots Blower manufacturer in Taiwan. Our ability include design
and producing for various Roots Type Blower, such as Land / Dry Type ( Belt
Driven, Coupling Driven), Vacuum Type, Silent and Low Electric Type,
Submersible Type. We also produce Acoustic Enclosure and plan the blower arrangement for customers.

【Product Specifications/ Features】
Air Flow: 0.1 to 28 m3/min
Pressure: 0 to 8000 mmAq
As Vacuum: 0 to -5000 mmAq
Water Cooled Type
Vacuum Type
Two-Stage Type
Acoustic Enclosure is also available
【Competitive Advantages】
New Product
Well and High-Quality Control,
Prompt Delivery,
Small Order Acceptable

Especially suitable to install in Hospital,
Hotel, School, Residential Area, Office Building … etc. where prohibited noise.

This kind of type can save at least 20% of electricity, high efficiency, save 50% space, easy installation, and easy maintenance.

Wastewater treatment
Powder Conveyance
Grain Transport
Paper Making Industry
Food industry
Oxygen supply of the breeding pond
die casting
mold, drying wire
pond and lake
treatment products
aquaculture pond
treatment products
pond bacteria
(biological treatment)

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