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Alli was founded by Mr. ACM Riluwan in 1961. The late Mr. Riluwan and his wife, Mrs. MSS Zaneera, formed the company from a room in their household in Pasyala. They decided to manufacture beedi ( a to...
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Cigars and Tobacco in Sri Lanka have been a major part of the country's culture for centuries. Sri Lanka is known for its high-quality tobacco and cigars, which are made from a variety of tobacco varieties. Tobacco is grown in the central hills of the country and is used in a variety of ways, such as for smoking, chewing, or snuffing. Cigars are handcrafted using the finest tobacco leaves and are often hand rolled, giving them a unique flavor and aroma.

The popularity of cigars and tobacco in Sri Lanka is evident in its traditional art, literature, and music. It is also evident in the many festivals, such as the annual Kandy Perahera, which celebrates tobacco and its culture. People from all over the country come to take part in the festivities, enjoying the many different types of tobacco and cigars that are available.

The culture of smoking cigars and tobacco in Sri Lanka is not limited to just the locals. Tourists and visitors to the country are welcomed to experience the traditional culture and enjoy the cigars and tobacco. Tourists can buy cigars from local vendors and even have them hand rolled by local artisans. This gives them a unique experience that is not found elsewhere.

In conclusion, Cigars and Tobacco in Sri Lanka are a major part of the country's culture and history, and have been enjoyed by locals and visitors alike for centuries. The unique flavors and aromas of the cigars and tobacco are something that